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Hey everyone and welcome to the Weekly Update! This is something we've been doing on the Discord Server but now we are bringing it over here as well. It's where we check-in and just let everyone know what's going on at your friendly neighbourhood board cafe.

Changes in the Cafe

So, with "Freedom Day" out of the way, we are putting the game collection back out across the cafe as we had it before lockdown and opening up another table upstairs that has been covered with games!

Table Booking Changes

We will also be changing up table bookings closer to what we had before lockdown. Table bookings will now require a £5 non-refundable deposit total, which will come off the bill at the end of the session. The hope is to make it easier than ever to book in advance to come play games once more in the cafe!

Children gaming at Meeple Perk

Children 10 or under now can game at Meeple Perk for half the price!

Social Gaming

For those of you who have missed social gaming in person, we are going to look to return this to the cafe. Our first social gaming will be on 30th July from 6 pm until 9 pm. We will be limiting social gaming to 6-8 people (Either two tables of 4 or one table of 6) and will require people to book ahead via our website. More on this coming soon!

RPG Bookings

Wanting to run an RPG Game at Meeple Perk for your friends? Well, we have just the thing for you! Group bookings for RPG sessions!

We have two packages, Standard and Deluxe for you to choose from.

The Standard package is £25 for a 3-hour session for up to 6 people and includes a small hot/iced drink or soft drink for everyone.

The Deluxe package is £35 and includes the same as Standard, but also adds snacks! Chips + Dip, Onion Rings + Dip, Nachos and Homemade Chicken Strips or Falafel Bites + Dip.

We'll be announcing when this is available shortly.

That's all folks!

As always, stay safe out there everyone and continue to be the amazing community that you are!

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How things will change at Meeple Perk!

So, it’s finally happened, restrictions are lifting! But, how will this affect your friendly local board games cafe and your visits?

Moving forward we would still ask anyone attending the cafe to wear a mask when not seated, this is to keep us (your wonderful hosts) safe! We have sadly only had one vaccine jab each and as a small team we are in an unfortunate position where if one of us tests positive the venue will have to close until we are both given a clean bill of health!

(This could be disastrous for us as a small business!)

The staff, Drew and Rhi, will also continue to wear masks, and the plastic screens at the till point and coffee pick up point will remain in place until we feel it is safe to take them down.

We will still be quarantining and cleaning the games after they are played. Just because social distancing has ended, doesn’t mean suddenly the virus couldn’t be passed on pieces so to keep you all safe we’ll still quarantine games for 72 hours and then clean the pieces afterwards.

We ask you to still remain seated when in the cafe and allow us to serve you at your table. We will get the games for you and bring them to you, as well as take your food and drinks orders at the table. This is to reduce the likelihood of spread of Covid-19 in the cafe and keep you safe.

What will change?

We will be returning the games library to the shelves, as they were in 2019, and opening up our other large table again. This means we’ll be able to increase our seating capacity slightly!

There may also be small changes to our opening times, and we may open Thursdays for gaming! We’ll make these changes as demand increases!

We will also be welcoming back some events, such as our Social Gaming Nights, in person in the cafe. Further details to follow as we discuss the safest way to reintroduce smaller events.

What about games rentals?

We will still be offering games rentals to anyone who would prefer to play at home, that won’t change and you can check out the full details on our website!

And that’s it, we take your safety seriously here so we won’t be changing much. We would love things to return to how they were before but want to ensure we and you are safe and that none of us aid the spread of Covid-19.

Stay safe, keep washing your hands and we’ll see you soon!

Love Rhi & Drew!

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Updated: May 13

With the latest Government restriction announcement, we are very excited to announce that we will be open for sit in board games, as well as food and drinks, once more!

It has been a long wait, and we cannot believe we haven't been able to allow people to sit in since October (nearly 6 months!) but we are very glad to welcome you all back from May 19th!

So, how will it work?

If you are wanting to play games we recommend you book ahead!

We can seat up to SIX people from different households on one table. Unfortunately, our largest table seats six and we aren't able to accommodate pushing tables together, but if you would like to book a larger group (from two households as per guidance) please do get in touch and we would look to seat you over separate tables.

We will take a £4 non-refundable deposit per person, which will be deducted from the bill at the end of your visit. If you are playing games, it is £3 per person and your booking slot will be two hours long. As per Government Guidance, we will be required to take the details of every party member, we have paper forms that are stored in our safe and destroyed after 21 days, or fill out the booking form on our website.

To make a booking head to our booking section or click here.

We can accept walk-ins but due to reduced seating, we would recommend booking. If you are wanting to book for the same day, please contact us via Facebook, Email or Telephone.

Playing Games

Our games library has all been moved upstairs, and can only be accessed by the staff for your safety. We will recommend and collect the games for you to play and then once played they will be returned to our Quarantine Shelf for 72 hours before being sanitised. This will heavily reduce the risk of Covid-19 passing on any games pieces in the unfortunate incident in which someone does report a positive test after having visited the cafe.

If you would like to see our entire collection check out our Board Games Rental list here.

Are you changing the menu?

We are bringing back BURGERS!

Our menu will change slightly now we can have you all sit in, which means we can bring back burgers! We will be keeping some of our new favourites and will update our menu page as soon as possible.

What are your new opening times?

We will be opening later in the evening from May 19th, as well as on Sundays, check out our new opening times below:

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10AM - 1PM; 5PM - 9PM

(Last booking for games at 7PM)

Saturday 11AM - LATE

(Last booking for games at 6:30PM)

Sunday 11AM - 6PM

(Last booking for games at 4PM; Kitchen closes 5:45PM)

Will you still be selling games?

Yes! We have a wonderful collection of brand new games for sale which you can check out here. If you enjoyed playing a game why not pick up a copy to take home!

Can I still rent games from the library?

Yes! We will still be allowing people to rent games from our library for up to seven days, to play at home, from just £5 per game. Check out the full rental library here.

That's everything! But if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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