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A message from your friendly neighbourhood board game cafe!

To our wonderful, kind, caring, and all-round awesome community,

On Drew's birthday/our last day of trade for 2021 we just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us. For every coffee purchased, every game played, and every cake eaten, we thank you!

At Meeple Perk we strongly believe that public health comes first. Even more so than success in business, or survival of the business. Every measure we have brought in out of choice or government guidance has been done to protect us all. Masks when not at tables, plastic screens at the tills, the staff continuing to wear masks, and sanitiser not just on entry but at every table. Plus continuing to quarantine our games, and clean the pieces before anyone else plays them (which may have been inconvenient but necessary). Thank you, for respecting our decisions this whole year!

As the weather grows colder and the news on the new variant, Omnicron, goes from bad to worse, we want you to remember all the small businesses you loved over the last year. It's looking likely things might get worse before they get better and the government may not be helping us out of this one (least not financially it seems). Now, this isn't to say we are struggling, but also isn't to say we have plenty in the bank to see us through, so don't worry too much about us, we'll do that enough for all of us!

But aside from the financial toll of the past year, it has also had a major impact on our mental health. It's tough, particularly when it's only the two of us who work here. Constantly dealing with the changes, the guidelines, having to keep up with the constant bad news, cancellations or even just quiet periods. This has taken a great toll as you can imagine, but luckily we've had an amazing community to keep us going! So thank you!

But, it's not all been all doom and gloom! This year we have managed to:

- Grow the collection of games to 400+

- We expanded and improved our website

- We started selling games and lots of indie/local creators wares

- Collaborated with more small businesses and creators than ever before

- Survived in business

- And we were voted as one of the best small businesses in Newcastle!

So there are definitely some positives to be thankful for at the end of the year!

We wish you and yours all the best, the Merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Year's!

With Love

Drew & Rhi


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