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Update Time!

So we've been mulling it over and considering our options. We're still waiting on some detailed guidance, but we are VERY happy to announce that in April, once nonessential retail has reopened we will return and reopen Meeple Perk for Takeaway Only.

We will then plan to open for seating once it is safe to do so, which by current guidance would be Mid May at the earliest. We're very excited to bring back gaming to the café, and cannot believe it's been 4-5 months since we had our lovely customers sit down and enjoy the board games collection! Gaming will return to the café under the same policies as previous, and all games sanitised after a 72 hour quarantine but more on that again later.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and for our wonderful Discord Community who have kept us sane these past 11 months. Without you we most likely wouldn't be here today.

If you do want to support us please follow the Ko-fi link below:

Be safe and wash your hands!

Rhi & Drew!


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