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Welcome Everyone!

It's been a little while since we last updated our blog. We had been busy closing down the business and downsizing some of the collection. Since closing we have kept just under half the collection to host board games events for you all, and here's a little snap shot of what was kept!

We have since hosted TWO board games meets and a lot more Blood on the Clocktower games at Prohibition Cabaret Bar in Pinklane.

These events will be happening at least once every month with a hope to host them more often in different venues once we're fully in the swing of it!

We also had a lovely little holiday which is why we skipped June's board games meet and checked out a few board games venues abroad! Here is one of the branches of Snakes and Lattes, the first board games cafe which opened in Toronto.

We are sadly going to have to join the workforce and find new jobs soon but we are hoping to keep events going, get better at updating this blog with new games we have enjoyed and organising games with you all!

Take care, and we'll see you soon we hope!

Rhi & Drew


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