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So, sadly I'm writing this having shut down the cafe for the second time.

As of Thursday, 5th November, all hospitality must close except for Takeaway or Delivery, till December 2nd (at earliest), including Meeple Perk. We have taken the decision to currently shut down the cafe entirely, with the potential we may open for click+collect retail products for any Christmas shoppers. This isn't 100% set in stone currently, as we need more information on how we can operate and what we could offer our community.

This means that the Board Games Rental, is currently on hold, but will return in the future, once it is deemed safe.

So, how are we feeling about all of this?

Well I, Rhi, am relieved to be perfectly honest.

Each week the rules were changing and we didn't know what was happening from one day to the next. Scouring the internet for further information because we'd seen a rumour of closures or further limitations on groups meeting leaked to the papers. Which, let's be honest, is exhausting!

We're not, ecstatic about the closures, as everyone knows it's lost income, it's worries for small and micro businesses and it's wondering will we survive the winter, BUT in our case we know it was the right decision. I won't get into the politics of when it should have happened, if I feel the Tories are doing enough, that's not what this blog is for. I will say that we will be ok. We should see the New Year and your local board games cafe will return, even if slightly changed to adhere to any new restrictions.

We still have a Ko-Fi page, so if you do want to support us during these trying times feel free to drop a donation on: www.ko-fi.com/meepleperk

There is also the potential opportunity for us to re-open once a week and perform Click+Collect retail orders, Board Games Rentals and delicious Coffee. We'll update you when we have a final decision on that though but for now, just know, we are ok and we hope you are as well.

Take care of yourselves, and your loved ones and we'll see you all in four weeks, if not sooner.

Much love,


Resident Coffee Addict of Meeple Perk


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