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Weekly Update - 17th November 2021

We really should stop calling this Weekly Updates... but for the moment it will do! Anyway, it's time to announce our festive opening hours and other small announcements!

Festive Opening Hours!

As of November 30th we will be open the following hours:

Tuesday - Thursday 12PM - 8PM

Friday 12PM - Late (7PM last gaming booking/Seated Murder Mystery Booking)

Saturday 11AM - Late (7PM last gaming booking/Seated Murder Mystery Booking)

Sunday 11AM-6PM

We will then be closing on December 20th till the New Year, would be lovely to see you before the Christmas period, also December 19th is Drew's birthday!

Festive Food and Drinks

We will be launching our new Festive Menu next week from the 25th November: Peppermint Hot Chocolate Black Forest Gateaux Hot Chocolate (Add Espresso to make it a mocha!) Gingerbread Latte Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich (available vegetarian) Brie, Cranberry and Rocket Sandwich (available with DF cheese for vegans) Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sandwich with a side of warm gravy for dipping Ham, Stuffing and Apple Sauce Sandwich Falafel, Stuffing and Apple Sauce Sandwich (Vegan) (Remember we prep to order so sandwiches can be changed to meet dietary requirements)

New Venue/Event Hire

We've snuck some new things onto our website! You can now book Meeple Perk for a private venue hire to play games with up to 20 of your friends, or work colleagues plus Drew and Rhi as your Games Coordinators!

Just check out the website: We are also now offering Event Hire! Fancy a private game of Werewolf or Two Rooms & A Boom check out how to book on our website:


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