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Weekly Update - 26th July 2021

Hey everyone and welcome to the Weekly Update! This is something we've been doing on the Discord Server but now we are bringing it over here as well. It's where we check-in and just let everyone know what's going on at your friendly neighbourhood board cafe.

Social Gaming

A reminder Social Gaming is back this week! Just book a spot using the Social Gaming Booking (you have to scroll down a little on the booking page to see it). No deposit required, just securing your spot!

Opening Times

Throughout August we'll be extending our opening times to:

Wednesday 11-7PM

Thursday 11-7PM

Friday 11-Late

Saturday 11-Late

Sunday 11-6PM

These booking slots will become available Friday for next week!

Family Package

Throughout August we will be running a Family Package Deal!

A family of 4* can visit to play games for up to two hours and get a drink each for just £15.

To claim simply mention "Summer Hols" in the notes of your booking!

*At least one adult must be present with up to three children under the age of 16.

New Games in the Library

Railroad Ink Yellow Challenge

Railroad Ink Green Challenge

Modern Art

Isle of Cats

Unlock! 6

Unlock! 7

Unlock! 8

Super Colt Express

Ticket to Ride Amsterdam




New York Zoo

Welcome to Your Perfect Neighbourhood (with dry wipe boards)

Mob Sitters


(and potentially a few others that currently escape my memory!)

After our first weekend open since restrictions were removed we are very happy to thank you all for supporting us and respecting our decisions to ask masks be worn still (unless you are exempt).

Stay safe everyone!


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