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Weekly Update - 5th August 2021

It's time once more for the weekly update! Hope you guys are all doing well and playing plenty of games! We have some repeats from last week's updates in as well, just as they were worth mentioning once more now we're in August!

New opening times!

As of this week, and throughout the rest of August we shall be opening Wednesday and Thursdays 11 am - 7 pm due to increased interest and the summer holidays! We will then have a look and revise this for September and onwards!

Family Bookings

Throughout August we will be running a Family Package Deal! A family of 4* can visit to play games for up to two hours and get a drink each for just £15. To claim simply mention "Summer Hols" in the notes of your booking! *At least one adult must be present with up to three children under the age of 16.

Policy change regarding quarantining of games

We have been keeping up with the science and have made the decision to change how we Quarantine games. Games that are just card-based games will now be only be quarantined for 24 hours before being put back out for people to play. Games with any level of plastic or wooden piece will be quarantined for either 48 hours with a clean after, or 72 hours. This is based on research from the CDC:

Social Gaming

Social Gaming is on again this week in the cafe and we're asking people to sign up via the website just to keep things as safe as possible. There's a post on #social-gaming regarding this.

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