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Weekly Update - 5th September

Hey everyone! My god, this week has kind of gotten away from us, sorry that this is late, bet you've all been dying to know about everything happening at your friendly neighbourhood board game cafe!

New Games

We have new games in the cafe! Donated to us by a couple of our lovely community; we have classic Games Workshop Doctor Who adventure game and Hero Master! We also have a new delivery of games with the following games now in:

- Uno

- Pitchstorm

- Here to Slay

- 7 Wonders: Duel

- Everdell

- Catan 25th Anniversary Edition, which includes the base game & the 5-6 player expansion!

I am not 100% sure how many games this means we have in the collection, but I will do my best to get an up to date number for the next time I do the weekly update.

Week Off

Next week we are going to be taking a week off, from the 6th September. This is so Rhi and I can get some much needed R&R.

New Drink

We have a brand new drink that is an off-menu item that we are now offering, the Iced Mocha! We will be looking to introduce more seasonal drinks after our week off, so more on that in the next weekly updates!

Weekly Update is skipping a week

With us taking a week off, unfortunately, there will be no weekly update next week.

That's everything that's been happening here! We hope you're doing okay and as always, playing plenty of games!


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