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Weekly Updates - 15th September 2021

Hey everyone! It's that time again to let you know everything that's going on with your friendly neighbourhood board game cafe!

New Menu!

Rhi has worked really hard and completely revised the menu. Some of the specials are now permanent inclusions on the menu and we've changed a few things around. You can check out the new menu right here.

New Bread

With the new menu change, we have taken the opportunity not only to improve the menu but, to support more local business and we now get our bread from Pink Lane Bakery! Our sandwiches are now served with Sourdough bread that we get from there.

Social Gaming

Social Gaming is on again, no new news there, but we starting from next week will have the new sign up process hosted up on the website. I shall talk more about this next week!

That's all for this week!


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