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Welcome to the Meeple Perk Blog!

Hello and Welcome to the Meeple Perk Blog!

Likely where Rhi will ramble on about things that are happening within Meeple Perk and potentially other stuff as well…

So, how to start?

Well for anyone who doesn’t know me, I am Rhi *waves*, and I am one-half of the owners of Meeple Perk. For anyone who has not met me I love coffee and board games, my favourite being [INAUDIBLE NOISE SUDDENLY], but more seriously I really love just playing games, pretty much any game (except Risk, unless it’s Godstorm Risk). I guess I’m definitely more of a eurogamer over ameritrash, and I’d much rather a good co-op mystery game or a nice small box game when I do sit down to play. Oh, I’m also the cook of Meeple Perk so if you liked the burgers, that was me!

Now that my intro is out of the way! This blog will be my way of updating our lovely community of the ins and outs and the current ins and outs are a little gloomy. We are closing from Sunday, 4th Oct, for almost 2 weeks to take a break and reset our heads. It’s been a bit much of late and we need a good reset but we’ll be returning 16th Oct for gaming and delicious coffee and burgers. When we do reopen it will be for two days a week for gaming, Friday and Saturday, and takeaway only Sundays.

Now that again sounds gloomy but we feel it best to only open when we are likely to be busy, and with current restrictions in place, we want to maximise on time when you (our lovely community) will be free to visit.

So, what are we going to do with all our free time?

Well, first things first! We’ll definitely be spending more time with the community. We are introducing a new schedule for gaming online and socialising with you all, which will hopefully look something like this:

Monday will become Social Mondays when we’ll play video games or digital board games, watch movies or just connect on Discord to chat.

Tuesday will continue to be our Wellness Check-in Day, and I’ll be available for games, and chatting throughout the day.

Wednesday will be our day on which we stream either via Twitch or Facebook. We’ll be streaming digital games we play, or physical, us chatting about board games, and potentially more!

Thursdays will be RPG Games Day and Drew will return as our resident GM to run games on the server. These games will have a small entry fee but he is very excited to get back into GMing. We will also be looking for other resident GMs to run games for us in the future but we’ll do a call out for that.

Friday and Saturday we’ll be working hard in the cafe, and Sunday will be our rest day (we hope). We'll also have our one-off events every month including Murder Mysteries, and Social Deduction games nights.

So let us know what you think of the potential new schedule!

Let’s sign off this blog with something fun!

We’re a gym in Pokemon Go now! Our wonderful community voted for us to be made a gym and Niantic were kind enough to select our little venue, so we’re a gym now. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for us!

Oh! And we are also holding a competition to give away a small collection of board games, all you need to do is heart react to the post on Facebook, tell us who you’d play these games with and share it personally. We’ll announce the winner on 16th October when we return from our break. Games are available for collection only.

Well, I think I’ve rambled on enough for now, till next time everyone stay safe!

Much love,


Resident Coffee Addict of Meeple Perk


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