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What's Changing from July 19th?

How things will change at Meeple Perk!

So, it’s finally happened, restrictions are lifting! But, how will this affect your friendly local board games cafe and your visits?

Moving forward we would still ask anyone attending the cafe to wear a mask when not seated, this is to keep us (your wonderful hosts) safe! We have sadly only had one vaccine jab each and as a small team we are in an unfortunate position where if one of us tests positive the venue will have to close until we are both given a clean bill of health!

(This could be disastrous for us as a small business!)

The staff, Drew and Rhi, will also continue to wear masks, and the plastic screens at the till point and coffee pick up point will remain in place until we feel it is safe to take them down.

We will still be quarantining and cleaning the games after they are played. Just because social distancing has ended, doesn’t mean suddenly the virus couldn’t be passed on pieces so to keep you all safe we’ll still quarantine games for 72 hours and then clean the pieces afterwards.

We ask you to still remain seated when in the cafe and allow us to serve you at your table. We will get the games for you and bring them to you, as well as take your food and drinks orders at the table. This is to reduce the likelihood of spread of Covid-19 in the cafe and keep you safe.

What will change?

We will be returning the games library to the shelves, as they were in 2019, and opening up our other large table again. This means we’ll be able to increase our seating capacity slightly!

There may also be small changes to our opening times, and we may open Thursdays for gaming! We’ll make these changes as demand increases!

We will also be welcoming back some events, such as our Social Gaming Nights, in person in the cafe. Further details to follow as we discuss the safest way to reintroduce smaller events.

What about games rentals?

We will still be offering games rentals to anyone who would prefer to play at home, that won’t change and you can check out the full details on our website!

And that’s it, we take your safety seriously here so we won’t be changing much. We would love things to return to how they were before but want to ensure we and you are safe and that none of us aid the spread of Covid-19.

Stay safe, keep washing your hands and we’ll see you soon!

Love Rhi & Drew!


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