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Seated Murder Mysteries

Enjoy an evening of deception!

Come on down to Meeple Perk for a truly unique evening, of murder, by booking one of our Murder Mystery Evenings! We'll provide everything for up to 6 players to play, and include a small hot drink or cold drink for you to enjoy whilst you play, all for just £60 (or £10 per player)!

The murder mysteries can go up to 7/8 players, which we can accommodate in either package at the cost of £7 per person past the initial 6 people. To book for more than 6 please follow the booking form as usual and the extra payment will be taken on the day.

You pick from one of the six wonderful titles in the Culinario Mortale murder mystery games, listed below, to play over the course of an evening, grab your character and immerse yourself in the story! 


In each of the murder mysteries, you and your friends will each be given a role of one of the main suspects of an exciting murder case. The objective of the game is to convict the perpetrator – one of the people sitting with you at the table. Which, can only be achieved if all the players discuss the course of events together and compare their experiences of the crime. However, be careful! Every character in the game has one or more dark secrets which they’d be better off keeping to themselves.

You have all gathered in the wake of the crime and are attempting to piece together your memories, with the aim of identifying the perpetrator. In each round, you recall more and more about the circumstances of the crime, as each round deals with a different period of time from the evening the crime was committed. At the end, everyone votes on who should be handed over to the police as the suspect. Can you convict the true perpetrator? Or will you send one of your innocent friends away? 

Book Now

Murder Mysteries are only available through an advanced booking, we need 48 hours notice to be able to send out character sheets but if you want to book with 24 hours notice we will do our best. To book just click here.


Murder at the Grand Hotel

During the ceremonial opening of the New York Grand Hotel the actress Monique Moreau is found dead in her suite. How could the opening celebration end so tragically?

6 - 8 players

Deadly Fame

During the premiere, Juliet thrusts a stage dagger into herself on stage in front of a full house. As Juliet dies, it becomes clear – Somebody must have switched the prop with a real dagger.

5 - 8 players


Expedition of Death

This expedition in the Peruvian jungle uncovered a real sensation – The royal priestesses’ burial chamber. But while the excavation team were still busy celebrating their success in the evening, the famous archaeology professor Mary Stonerock was found dead.

5 - 7 players

Shadow Over Westongrove Manor


Somebody attempted to poison the old company patriarch, Anthony Westongrove. But Anthony survived the cowardly murder attempt and is now trying to find the perpetrator so he can remove them from his will.

6 - 8 players


A Recipe for Death

During the New Year’s Eve party at the famous McGregor restaurant, the renowned three-star chef George McGregor was found dead. What happened? Who murdered the old gourmet king so soon before his retirement?

5 - 7 players

Murder Overboard


The successful start-up founder Max Hubbard invited his school friends on a yacht trip. Everyone was reminiscing about old memories until the evening took a tragic turn. Max’s wife Eleanor suddenly disappeared without a trace.


5 - 7 players

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