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Meeple Perk is the first dedicated board game café in the Tyne and Wear region, hosted in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne we offer a unique entertainment dining experience.


In this day and age where everyone is becoming more and more attached to our screens, why not come enjoy in the warm nostalgic embrace of a modern board game.


Enjoy running your own train business in Ticket to Ride, or trying to vie for the princesses romantic attention in Love Letter, or just trying to survive the World Championship Russian Roulette finals and become the champion, all from the safety of a comfortable relaxed café.


Don’t know the first thing about board games? Our dedicated highly knowledgeable staff can not only recommend you a game but teach you how to play it.


All of this while enjoying a well-prepared latte or beverage of your choice and delicious snacks, sourced locally within the North East and prepared fresh in-house for your enjoyment.

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