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Final Week at Meeple Perk!

Our final week is upon us, we are starting to fill up with bookings and we do not want to disappoint so please make sure to book a table before we close.

Our final day is April 1st and we are open 11AM till Late, closing when the last bookings leave. We are really sad that this is our final week but we have a few announcements. We have tweaked our menu for our final week. Rhi is still recovering from their hand surgery so a few items they would struggle to make have been removed but we made some tweaks and added some replacement options.

Check out our menu at

We are also licensed for this week so our Cocktails Menu will be available for anyone ordering food or playing games this week!

Thank you everyone for everything you have done for us over these past 4 and a half years, it's been an amazing journey and we have an exciting annoucement for next week!

We definitely rolled a 20 when it comes to our community!


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