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This page has been awful quiet...

Hello lovely board games enthusiasts,

As you can imagine rejoining the working world has meant we've had a lot less time for posting about gaming (though strangely we've definitely managed to play more board games!)

I'm writing a post today just to remind everyone we are still hosting events in collaboration with the wonderful Prohibition Cabaret Bar, a locally owned small speak-easy-themed bar serving hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Our Board Games Social is the last Sunday of every month.

Our Blood on the Clocktower event is the second Friday of every month (except April, when it's the first)

We've seen over the last few months a bit of a drop off in interest in events, we know that right now these are a luxury not everyone can afford with the ongoing cost of living crisis and we're very fortunate that this is no longer our livelihood and instead just a passion project. We loved the first few months of socials with big turnouts, getting lots of people playing new games with new gamers, but lately, the attendance has dropped significantly.

As long as attendance still covers the room fee we will run the events, we aren't in this for profit and if attendance increases again and we do have a surplus we'll invest that in improving the events (new games, more tables etc).

If you have been meaning to come down but haven't and there's a reason, let us know, we run these events for the community so get in touch!

Our next event is Sunday 25th February 6PM at Prohibition, where we'll be hosting our Board Games Social!

May your dice always roll high! (Unless it's roll under)

Rhi & Drew



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