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"How can I support you?"

We've been getting asked that a lot lately, and we love that you all want to support us so much that you're asking! So we thought, let's put together a little blog post just explaining how you can do that!

Well if you didn't know, WE'RE OPEN AGAIN! For takeaway and click & collect. We're very happy to be back in the cafe and we have a lovely new menu of snacks you can check out here.

This means you can come down in person to support us (if you want to) and make a purchase from the cafe! We have a great selection of locally sourced retail items, such as our Meeple Perk branded dice trays and bags, cotton masks, and RPG books and stickers! Plus, as an added bonus Asmodee are currently running the Love Your Game Store competition which we are participating in! When you visit us you just need to scan the instore QR code to enter and if you're lucky you could win £1000, £50 store credit or a bundle of games from us! You can enter once per day, so the more you visit, the better your chance of winning is!

Now, we do understand not everyone wants to come to the City Centre right now, and that's completely fine because you can support us in several ways from home!

You could order a game for delivery, we're happy to deliver games to your door either via Royal Mail or "DeliverDrew" (prices for delivery vary so please get in touch so we can organise that with you!)

You could support us via our Ko-fi page, every donation helps and you'll get full access to our Meeple Perk Discord Server. We would not be here now if it wasn't for our wonderful community helping us through this past year, thank you!

Something that costs nothing and helps a lot more than you might realise. You could take a little time to share our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts with your friends and family. Any interaction helps more people see our content, and the more eyes on us the better. Even better than sharing our posts, create your own posts talking about us, studies show that 92% of people respond better to personal recommendations... Had a great coffee? Had a good talk with us about games? Eaten a delicious sandwich? Make a post to tell your friends and tag us!

Finally, if you have been in and enjoyed our wonderful service, please leave a review of your experience on any service that you use to do so! Google is a great one for us, but anywhere where reviews can be made is good.

It's been a rough year, no one will deny that, but we're glad we had you, our community, to get us through it!

See you all soon!

Rhi & Drew


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