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What's Happening at Meeple!

Some of you may know for the past week Drew has not been well and this has meant we've had to reduce our menu and ask friends to volunteer their time to help us. We are so grateful to those friends because we would have had to close all of last week without them.

Now some of you may be questioning, "why don't they just hire staff?", well sadly that is just not on the cards for us right now. We had hoped with how things were going prior to energy bill/food prices rising and the cost of living crisis we could have brought someone onto the team, or maybe even two people. Alas, with the costs rising, we have to make every penny count business-wise and bunker down with just the two of us for the foreseeable.

Till Drew is back we're sadly on a reduced food menu, but I promise you, it is delicious!

We've also improved our drinks menu, and sadly, with costs increasing we've had to bite the bullet and increase the pricing on our drinks. We've avoided doing this for 3 years, so it was inevitable. We hope you understand and choose your friendly local board games cafe over your high street giant.

Last, but not least, we have some great new products!

We have new Inclusions Poly Set Dice, from dinosaurs to Pride flags, we have a great selection of dice available for your next RPG session!

We also have two brand new enamel pins in stock, Mimic Pride Flags and Jelly Cube Pride Flags. Great way to decorate your jacket, work apron, or backpack!

Finally, we have two new Indie RPGs in stock. Artefact and Bucket of Bolts from Mousehole Press, two solo journalling RPGs with a twist!

Artefact, YOU are a magical item journalling what happens to you at the hand of adventurers.

Bucket of Bolts, YOU are a spaceship travelling through space at the hands of a crew and journalling your adventures.

We've got more exciting news coming soon with more event announcements once Drew is back to full health!

But for now, take care, everyone!



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