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Weekly Update - 13th October 2021

Not a huge update this week everyone!

Opening Hours

As you all know we have updated opening hours:


Friday & Saturday: 11-Late


Social Gaming

We have our sign up sheet up on our website but due to a hen-do booking (for some wonderful long time customers), we will not be hosting Social Gaming this Friday but instead 22nd October. We are discussing the potential of moving Social Gaming to another day which may be better for the group to meet but not till after the 22nd/29th October to give plenty of planning time.

Organising Gaming

We've had some lovely customers ask about potentially meeting for casual and heavier gaming at the café as a regular meet up! These have mostly been discussed in the Facebook Group: If you're interested please check the group!

New Games

You've seen these on our Facebook page no doubt but new to the collection:

- Nice Buns

- Snakesss

- Mean Girls: Burn Book

All from the lovely Big Potato Games We now also have a new searchable games library on our website which hopefully will help with your next visit! Check it out:

Business Update

We have decided to stop using Just-Eat as our delivery service, just due to a few issues we had and that the commission for delivery essentially meant we sold our products at cost (so not really viable for a small business). Maybe eventually we'll find a proper solution to getting our products delivered to you but this does mean going forward we are no longer offering delivery.

Technical Issues

THE DUMBWAITER IS FIXED. A WIZARD DID IT! (Quite literally, he doesn't know how he fixed it but it works! Huzzah!)


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